Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Beijing - Lhasa Railway

As this is my first post hereabouts ...and once again a big thanks to Sir Nickelsaver for setting it up, I thought I'd include this look at the Beijing - Lhasa Railway ...for those who enjoyed the "in the flesh" MagLev aspects of my "Dragons" post at FOFOA's site ...rather than the Analogy ;-)
If you look past the gloss and propaganda, the inginuity of the Chinese ...coupled I'm sure with huge dollops of Western Technology and knowhow have combined to achieve a remarkable feat.
...and all those who frequent WalMart etc purchasing those nick-nacks and sundry banal items "Made-in-China" can in some small way feel responsible for same.


Aquilus said...


Could you check the link above? The Google doc just does not want to load.

One Bad Adder said...

My "guru" Nickel is going to address the issue Aquilus.
It seems to work for ME ...but I notice the prefix is https maybe that needs to be addressed.

Watch this space Sire.

Nickelsaver said...


The problem has been resolved.

Nickelsaver said...

I found slide 44 very interesting. I had no idea the Dalai Lama was patiently waiting to take back Tibet with his army. LOL

Seriously though. We don't see engineering projects like this in the USA, unless it involves an NFL or MLB franchise.

sobione said...

Sir Topaz
for may weeks I was waiting for your posts in your old blog. To no avail. And then right from the blue you are back. What a joy! Hope you are in good health. I will frequent this blog - no question about it.
Kind regards

Nickelsaver said...

New World Man - Rush

He's a rebel and a runner
He's a signal turning green
He's a restless young romantic
Wants to run the big machine

He's got a problem with his poisons
But you know he'll find a cure
He's cleaning up his systems
To keep his nature pure

Learning to match the beat of the Old World man
Learning to catch the heat of the Third World man

He's got to make his own mistakes
And learn to mend the mess he makes
He's old enough to know what's right
But young enough not to choose it
He's noble enough to win the world
But weak enough to lose it --
He's a New World man...

He's a radio receiver
Turned to factories and farms
He's a writer and arranger
And a young boy bearing arms

He's got a problem with his power
With weapons on patrol
He's got to walk a fine line
And keep his self-control

Trying to save the day for the Old World man
Trying to pave the way for the Third World man

He's not concerned with yesterday
He knows constant change is here today
He's noble enough to know what's right
But weak enough not to choose it
He's wise enough to win the world
But fool enough to lose it --
He's a New World man...

One Bad Adder said...

M-G Nickel ...again!
Sobi: - Hi again Sire. It became obvious (to me anyway) that "things" probably wouldn't change too much until we got to the Zero-point on the 13 week UST's.

So ...we are currently there ...or thereabouts - and it should / could get REAL interesting from here-on out.

I will look for the old Time-Currency Blog material this week ...and maybe upload the more relevant stuff to this here Blog - Don't hold your breath though sobi ;-). Sir Nickel cringes in the corner - ("aarggh! ...more Blog fixing comin up" ...says he :-)

Let's watch it all unfold together eh? - OBA / Topaz

KJ said...


possible to add relevant t-bill charts for various countries along the sides of your blog?

One Bad Adder said...

As time allows KJ, I'll endeavour to get something together ...unless Sir Nickel beats me to it ...which he's more than welcome to do I might add.

Nickelsaver said...

TREASURIES-Bonds slip before 10-year note sale

Peter said...

One Bad Adder said...

Peter: -
That doesn't seem to want to open :(

Nickel: -
Is that $IRX Chart a "dynamic" one?
...and can we do an RSS feed "on-the-side" ?
I'm thinking of putting the Treasury-Direct RSS feed there (ie: Dynamic updates of the < 1Yr Bill Auctions)

Peter said...

Gentlemen, start your engines

One Bad Adder said...

LOVE KJ Peter ...Thanks for fixing it (the Link)

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