Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stanley Kubricks Gold Story.

Recently found reference (via Kitco) to this first of a four part series which makes the assumption (convincingly) that Stanley Kubrick intertwined his penchant for "Individual Sovereign Equity" subliminally into his Films - in this particular case, The Shining ...with Jack Nicholson.

When all is said and done, FreeGold epitomises ISE and heralds a return to a far more equitable set of circumstances for the "Individual" per-se.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Beijing - Lhasa Railway

As this is my first post hereabouts ...and once again a big thanks to Sir Nickelsaver for setting it up, I thought I'd include this look at the Beijing - Lhasa Railway ...for those who enjoyed the "in the flesh" MagLev aspects of my "Dragons" post at FOFOA's site ...rather than the Analogy ;-)
If you look past the gloss and propaganda, the inginuity of the Chinese ...coupled I'm sure with huge dollops of Western Technology and knowhow have combined to achieve a remarkable feat.
...and all those who frequent WalMart etc purchasing those nick-nacks and sundry banal items "Made-in-China" can in some small way feel responsible for same.