Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here's a quick look at how we're travelling (or lurching forward) relative to the up-coming conflagration.

My "Day-job" has been quite demanding of late and as such (unfortunately) this Blog has taken a back seat.

We await with trepidation the US Treasury acceptance of negative-yield bids at Auction (slated I believe for May) the meantime however, Auction details reveal (imo) a look of curious contrivance.

$PoG seems set to continue it's controlled burn here ...which is NOT conducive to Systemic failure - ie: it ($PoG) needs to wash-out hard in concert with a seriously rising DX for the Systemic achilles-heel to be revealed for all to see.

On the Long T's front, Chartists will recognise the Pennant formation which (like clockwork) has broken to the upside and is currently flirting with the 200DMA.

All in all, "things" ...whilst getting tighter and still generally heading toward the proverbial cliff, seem to be "manageable" ...for the moment.

We watch!