Friday, January 27, 2012


The Human Condition dictates the need for Systems.

THC can generally be categorised thus - 92% The Majority, 3% Termites, 5% Remnant. (Dynamically speaking ie: %age's constantly in flux.)

The Majority are content to pursue their aspirations etc. generally within parameters they encounter along the way.

The Remnant are ALL those who (for whatever reason) don't make the cut in the Majority group ...(X the Termites.) This group includes: chronic Wrong-doers, The Elderly, Aged and Infirm, the Dysenfranchised etc.

Termites are generally a group (singularly or collectively) who feel it their God-given right simply to interfere (usually for self-advantage).

Systems always seem to follow a pre-determined course - Chaos - Evolution - DEvolution ...and back to Chaos when the process is repeated nauseum. It's rare indeed (one might say even "impossible") to reverse this process. What can SLOW the process to a crawl is the addition of a Supra-organism to oversee the System (as proffered on FOFOA's blog.)

We may like to consider LIFE itself as a “System” …whereby the issuance of a Birth Certificate is an unequivocal “guarantee” of a Death Certificate …Yes?

A human goes through the born – evolve – devolve – die process…and (as espoused by many) are then “Born Again” either back into this World …or Another. There are those who are encouraged to be “born again” within the parameters of the above process …but we won’t go THERE!

By extrapolation it then can be said - the “need” for …and the implementation of, a System, “guarantees” it ultimate demise.

So our proverbial Group put’s a System in place to constrain uber-miscreants etc. (them being a part of the remnant), and the broad guidelines of the System are determined, Laws enacted etc.…with associated penalties for wrong-doers being VERY severe. Offenders are vilified and essentially removed from the System. (eg: Kill and be Killed)

Those deserving of compassionate treatment are in some small way catered for as the limited resources of the new system are able to accommodate.

As we travel through the process, well-intentioned ideologues (initially a part of the Majority) surface and suggest Systemic improvements to aid and abet better management practices thereof …and many / most of these prove to become a huge success and benefits flowing to all. Those deserving of same ie: of the Remnant, see their portion of the benefits of the System marginally increased.

We arrive at what might be described as a Laissez-faire state of evolution where essentially the Majority are left to go about their affairs, subject of course to operating “within” the parameters of the aforementioned guidelines …and generally those involved in Management are content just to “let-it-be”.

However, the seeds of Systemic Destruction have “already” germinated and sprouts broken through the surface as the Termites are actively (usually covertly) interfering generally by (amongst other things) – narrowing the parameters of the “guidelines” and reducing penalties associated with “offending” …ostensibly perhaps for “compassionate” reasons. (eg: Kill and …spend your Life in Prison)

The process continues …and at some point, thanks to the various and nefarious activities of the Termites (now enamoured with a vast array of allies at their beck and call (State-istics, Technology, Seconded ideologues and a fair slice of the Majority who now look to the System for their succour etc.) …our System thus begins to Devolve.

Of course during the process, the Guidelines have been replaced with an interminable array of rules and regulations where even a minor infraction of same is deemed to be deserving of not only ostrasization and vilification …bit usually accompanied by disproportionate Fines and (in some cases) imprisonment.

At the other end of the spectrum we see the uber-crime penalties further watered-down (eg: Kill …and go to Jail for 15 Yr’s …however, be good …and be out in 10.)

As the process devolves further our aforementioned Ratio might be closer to Majority – 70% …Termites (and their associated hangers-on) – 15% …and the Remnant – 15%.

Ultimately, these proportions are reduced to a point of unsustainability …and Chaos once again ensues.
As I said at the outset, the existence of a Supra-Systemic organism can and does slow the process dramatically …however, as the System in question becomes more and more complex, this Supra-Systemic arbitrator becomes a System itself …and succumbs to the process in similar fashion.

Sub-systems within a System (and a Supra-System) will generally be not too far removed (process-wise) from one-Another and can be VERY complex in their makeup. To help identifying a specific “system” and perhaps determine “where we’re at” Systemically, it may be a worthwhile exercise to consider a sub-system one is quite familiar with …and extrapolate that into the BIG picture.

A thought on “Existing Systems” to help avoid traps for the unwary “Systemic Identifier”: -
Two NFL Footballers – fiercely competitive “on-the-field” will …in a Heartbeat, become as Brothers-in-Arms if called on to defend their “code” when compared to (say) Baseball.

A Clash of the Systems: -

The Internet is a good example of a Systemic Interloper. Here in Cyber-ville, I think we are roughly at the Laissez-faire point of the process. Uber-wrong-doers are ostracised, vilified and generally sent packing. Real-world Laws are catching up to and dealing with these miscreants …and in-the-main that’s a good thing.

In the commercial space however the Internet is wreaking havoc. Global Systems are generally at a loss to accommodate and / or manage this phenomenon. Local taxes and duties are being side-stepped, information quickly disseminated etc. …and you can rest assured the Termites are “doing what they do best” attempting to contain the current Systemic damage being wrought.

Next, (as time allows) we might try and anticipate how a properly set up Free-Gold entity (as opposed to a managed System) may perform the function of a Supra-Systemic arbitrator in the context of the architecture of a yet-to-be-engineered new Global Financial System.

-One Bad Adder-

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